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The Beaches of Cantabria

Think of Spain. Think of northern Spain. What do you think of? The Basque country with San Sebastian and the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao? Or the Galician Coast with Santiago de Compostela, it's mighty cathedral and the camino de Santiago? Well, now that I've seen it, let me tell you that even though all those places are not bad ( ;) ) there is a tiny thing in between... Cantabria. Its somewhere between Tapas, Tinto, Montañas and Playas. The beaches.

Even though, I said goodbye to the idea of me surfing I still consider the beach one of the best spots. I wouldn't go as far as telling you that you have no need to visit Cantabria for anything else than the beaches, but lets put it the way that you shouldn't miss them. One of europe's favourite surf spots and definitely one of the prettier places to life for studying (if you not consider the university ;) ).

When it comes to my most favourite beaches. Well... no need to think, first of all: playa de los locos.

Located about half an hour outside of Santander close to Suances, with a view over the mountain range of the Picos de Europa, this beach is built like an antique theatre. If you manage to ignore the ugly buildings they put in the background, definitely a place to be visited. But this spot is closely followed by the great dunes of Liencres. 

Also, of course what we have here in Santander, the famous Sardinero and Somo across the bay are of course not bad...