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Lake Matherson

Ok, a little jump, from the West Coast (and about 2 weeks ago) to right now, today down south at glacier country. I just had a look at the pictures from my hike at lake Matherson today and I figured I got to show them somebody right now. Seriously I just love the view.

Lake Matherson is located in the glacier country wold heritage district in the southern part of the west coast district of the south island right next to Fox Glacier village. I'm gonna talk about the glaciers another time, today it's just all about the view of Mt Tasman and Mt Cook (NZ's two highest peaks). The lake is known for it's awesome reflections of those two mountains, and - lets put it as it is - I was at the right place at the right time and got a lucky shot. Or two. 

The lake is located about 6 km out of the village and there's a 1.5 hours walkway that leads you around. If you're lucky, no Kiwi or Stray bus will be there at the same time. The track has 4 view points, of which 'Reflection Island' (pictures above) gives you the postcard panorama. 

I didn't even intend to go to the lake in the first place, but the hostel guy told me (when I came in todays morning at 8.45, bit early for check in...) that now is the time. Well - guess he was right.