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Glacier Country

I'm sorry for keeping you hanging when it comes to pictures. Don't expect to many updates in the next days. I had a hard time down here this week and besides that I'm trying to figure out stuff for my onward journey to Australia. Even though, I figured I might as well give you a quick update about one of the best parts of the country: The glacier country. The place, where I saw glaciers the first time of my life, had a rather extended run in with a herd of wild goats while running one morning and jumped out of a plane up 19 000 ft in the sky. I believe this neck of the woods has earned that I talk about it. The West Coast ist home to two big glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier. If you can spare the time, take a stop over at both. You can hike up to both of the glaciers, but unfortunately, the only way to get really close would be to get chopped in.

Franz Josef Glacier

The view from Peters Pool to Franz Josef 

Fox Glacier 

On the way to the glacier

In the last 10 days I travelled down from the Glaciers over Haast pass, into Wanaka, down to Queenstown, all the way into the Fjordlands, up to Mt Cook and finally through Christchurch into Akaroa, where I am writing this post now. This is my last stop here in NZ before leaving to Australia on tuesday. I hope I will get round to show you the (few) pictures I took in the last couple of days soon.