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The Pinnacles

You're in for a treat. Today's blog is about one of my coolest NZ activities so far: a trip up the Pinnacles in Coromandel Forrest park. A sunrise trip by the way. I know - those of you who know me might actually think now that I'm neither an Alpinist not a Tramper. Thus how come me climbing up a summit at 5.30 am. Well. It all started with me meeting Anna in Thames. She suggested the trip and was looking for company. Spontaneous as I am I changed all my plans for the onward days and on the next morning we were off looking for a lift to the Coromandel Forest park. (Of course the fact that while reading about the track, Lonely Planet suggested it to be a 'must do' thing told me that I really should join her)

It's supposed to take about 3 hours to reach the DOC (Department of Conservation) hut at the bottom of the Pinnacles and then another half an hour - 50 minutes to reach the summit. We planned to spend the night at the hut in order to make it up the summit for sunrise on the next morning. What nobody told us was, that the whole way from the parking space up to the very top of the Pinnacles was covered in stairs and just uphill.

But even if it's an exhausting track, it is definitely worth all the pain in your legs. See yourself for the views along the way and on the top:

We slept in the DOC Pinnacles hut together with about 45 other people. The hut is really well equipped, however - if you ever plan to sleep in a 30 people bunk bed dorm, bring earplugs.

Due to a really bad snorer and some people who as well wanted to see sunrise but were not used to getting up quiet in a hostel dorm, we were awake by 5 am and ready to go. Unfortunately the sunrise was rather cloudy and unspectacular. However still an awesome thing!

Just at this moment, while I'm lying in my bed somewhere in the beautifully Malborough region, I'm making plans for my next track. Tramping = must do thing in New Zealand!