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I just had a look at the blog and realised the last time I updated was already ages ago... In particular even last year. Shame on me, sorry for that. So in the beginning as usual a quick update where I'm now and what I've been up to:

Right now I'm in Wellington. Yeah, I've finally come south. But more about that later. From Rotorua, which we're gonna talk about in 2 minutes, I made my way back west again to Hamilton, only to be picked up by Richards sister Renee in order to spend christmas with their family. Christmas is just another word for a day full of eating (what as a backpacker guys usually is something that is not a joy in NZ, because unfortunately groceries are just INCREDIBLY expensive (telling you that after I've lived in Finland for a while...)). Long story short the whole family just made it an awesome christmas for me that made me not a single moment miss home. Big <3 for that. Boxing day entertainment was also provided by the Pirongia Races which are basically a day full of booze for the local youth in the park. I'm not gonna go into detail on that, but let's say I managed to see at least one of the races on that day.

Ok - after the christmas shortcut let's get back to Rotorua. A city smelling of rotten eggs which is one of NZs biggest tourist attractions. I actually intended to cut out Rotorua of my travel plans, but a some people just kept insisting that I go there, thus is just made the trip. It turned out to be quite and experience :D The city is basically built on geothermally created mud pools and in every backyard there's some gas coming out of the ground.

There is a park just in the city with a big variety of bubbly, stinky ponds and even lake Rotorua has a section where it does look not like normal lakes.

On the last day in Rotorua, two friends I already met in Auckland happened to be in the same area and thus we decided to meet up for a trip. That trip took us to Wai-O-tapu, which is a park around all the geothermal spots about 30 km south of Rotorua. It is one of the few sites in the world (along with Yellowstone and Island and just a hand full of others) to have an active Geyser.