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In Between the Islands

Finally. It happened. I left NZ's beautiful North Island to get to the different but not less stunning south isle of the country. After the Coromandel Forest Park hike I went over to Whitianga where I spent a great new years right by the beach and soon after that I headed down to Hamilton again in order to catch a flight to the capital. Wellington.

Located on NZ's south end, Wellington is known for it's windy weather and in between all the 'cities' I saw so far it's probably my favourite one down here. It has this kind of flair that made me love the Hague or Stockholm after a few moments. I stayed in the YHA right in the city center, which is nicely located and clean but other than that just too big for my taste. My time in Wellington was limited by the fact that I was supposed to start working in Blenheim (where I am now by the way) on the 6th, thus I was only allowed 2 nights in the city before crossing the Cook Strait by ferry. The city is rather green and has a lot of walks, shops and museums to offer. In order to include a little bit of physicist activity as well I visited the planetarium and took a 'guided tour around the southern sky'. Recommended if you want to be able to spot at least one more thing than the southern cross out here, they also have some nice information about the pacific islanders' navigation a few hundred years ago and more, remember to ask for student discount. On the next day I got round to a hike up mount Victoria, which offers rather good views and a decent walk up there.

The rest of the day was spent in a shopping rush (I had not been near a town for quite a while (ok, not true, I've been in Hamilton, but I didn't allow myself to shop :D ) and a visit to the national museum (te Papa), which is highly recommended because it's cool and free! (I mean, what more do you want?)

And just like that my two days in Wellington were gone and after a morning walk by the pier I took of for the Interislander ferry. The ferry ride is about 3 hours and takes you through the beautiful Marlborough sounds right into Picton, a quiet little town, which' tourism is just caused by all people arriving there by ferry and it's close distance to the starting point of the Queen Charlotte Track (more about that to come!). The ferry ride itself is an attraction every NZ traveller shouldn't miss!